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Membership retention mastery university

Membership Mastery University

The first training program of its kind designed to make a dramatic impact on your new membership and retention performance. All training topics...

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Lance’s simple philosophy:

Lance Perkins: Membership Retention Expert

In today’s world, anyone trying to get healthy has a seemingly endless set of options available to them, and as a result, fewer people are joining fitness facilities and YMCAs. In order to thrive in a now saturated industry, you have to do things in a radically different way. Abandon the traditional health club mind set. There is no time for trial and error; no time for waiting and hoping for the best. To succeed, you must apply proven methodologies based on the science of member retention and create a member experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

– Lance Perkins, Founder - MobileFiT

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Membership Retention Services Testimonials

When we decided it was time to really look at what it is going to take to improve our member engagement and retention outcomes, we tried MobileFiT’s Member Mastery Program. Their staff training is completely supported by evidenced-based research, and the best I’ve seen to help improve member engagement and retention outcomes. I would highly recommend to anyone who is ready to make a change and see results to look at their program.

– Casey Klein, VP of Operations - YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

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How we help improve member retention


  • Raise your membership retention rate to upwards of 76 percent.
  • Engage your members to keep them interested and active.
  • Our technology is based on science-based tools to help all levels of your staff effectively onboard and engage your new members. As for your members, our technology improves motivation and builds confidence and long-term member loyalty.
Scientifically improve member retention rates


  • It’s so easy, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your gym without it.
  • In only 30 days you will easily increase new members’ retention rate by 30%!
  • Advance and simplify your onboarding system with our Get On Board app.